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The company

Swedworks International is a Swedish company established in 2011 who has specialized in the immigration related services (work and residence permit application).  With years of experience in the immigration issues and hundreds of cases towards the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) we are committed to be a trusted partner.


Swedworks is proud to have been trusted by a large number of Swedish and International companies in managing the work permit processing and foreign recruitment services. Swedworks owns the following domains and is responsible for the content of these websites:
www.arbetstillstå (Sw) (En) (En)


Our Vision and Ethic

Through providing quality services we aim to become the leading immigration service provider to Scandinavian countries. We are fully aware of the fact that it is only possible through satisfied customers. Our ambition at all times towards our customers is to be a loyal and trusted partner and to provide a qualitative and satisfying service.

Certified test center for Swedish language examination (Swedex)

Swedworks is proud to be a certified test center and ambassador for the Swedish language examinations Swedex. Swedworks is authorized by both Folkuniversitetet and the Iranian authorities to arrange exams in both Iran and in Sweden.


Swedex was recognized by NOET in October 2014.

The authorization was given to the Swedworks International with exclusive rights to hold exams in Iran, under the supervision of NOET.  The first exam was hold in April 2015 and Swedworks continues to arrange exams on a regular basis.


*NOET stands for “THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR EDUCATIONAL TESTING” — (in Persian: Sazmané Sanjeshé Amuzeshé Keshvar), responsible authority for international language exams in Iran.

Trusted partner to Folkuniversitetet ISU

Swedworks is proud to be a trusted partner to the International Swedish University Programs (ISU), a sub unit of Folkuniversitetet (one of the largests adult educational association in Sweden).


Proud member of the Blue Science Park

Blue Science Park is a collaboration between the municipality of Karlskrona, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Blekinge County Council and the business sector with long experience in running business clusters in Sweden.  Our competencies are unique in that we offer the whole eco system from research and development at BTH to producing companies and advanced users.


The Founder

Majid Ahmadian is a proud ambassador of Sweden and the Swedish language around the world.  Majid was born in Persian (IRAN) and has lived in Sweden since mid 80s. After over 17 years in the IT field he changed his carrier direction and has been focusing on immigration and language related services since 2009. He carries out work in order to preserve the Swedish-Iranian relations.

Majid Ahmadian

Majid Ahmadian

Founder & CEO